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How to protect yourself from Walmart clinton Highway 1 collapse

The latest in a series of deadly road accidents has left Walmart clover highway 1 on lockdown and police cordoned off a busy shopping centre on Saturday.

The road was closed to vehicles and closed to pedestrians and cyclists due to the “hazardous conditions” caused by the collapse of a bridge, the NSW Transport Minister, Andrew Constance, said.

The incident happened at around 1:30pm at the junction of the highway 1 and Highway 1A just west of the Alice Springs Shopping Centre.

The bridge collapsed and a number of cars were destroyed and a truck overturned on the road.

The NSW Ambulance Service said all those who were injured or who were transported to hospital were in a serious but stable condition.

Police cordon the area surrounding the Alice Spring Shopping Centre in Alice Springs.

The closure will be in place until the bridge is fixed.

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