What you need to know about a new highway in north-west Queensland

What you don’t know about the new North West Link highway.

What you don,t know about:1.

It’s an expressway2.

It will bring up to 10,000 cars a day3.

It runs through one of the most scenic parts of the state4.

It has been dubbed the “world’s first all-electric highway”.5.

It won’t stop there.

There are plans to extend the highway into Queensland’s south, bringing thousands of cars a week into the state.

But the new highway will have many challenges, especially in the area of environmental impact.

The new highway is due to open next year.

What to know:The new North Western Link highway will be the first to use the new interstates and major roads system in Queensland.

But it will be very different from the other highway systems that have been built, and many of the environmental reviews are still in place.

Here’s what you need the first time you travel through the new road.

How much will it cost?

The first major phase of the North Western link will cost $13 billion.

It will run from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, linking the Goldfields with Brisbane and the South Coast.

It’s likely to bring up more than 10,600 cars a weekday.

And that’s not including the extra tolls for the Gold Country and the Southern Cross.

The first phase of construction is expected to take eight years.

This section is a guide to the latest news, maps and updates in Northern Queensland.

This story was originally published on News.co.nz on January 7, 2019.

It has been republished with permission from News.au

Why Texas is now one of the worst states for bicyclists

The latest numbers from Texas DOT show that for every 100 miles traveled by bicyclists in Texas, there are 2.5 fatalities.

According to a 2016 study by the American Society of Civil Engineers, which found that bicycling accounts for only a few tenths of one percent of the state’s total transportation-related deaths, the state is actually one of Texas’ worst biking-friendly states.

A study by Texas A&M University Transportation Institute in 2017 found that bike infrastructure in Texas was worse than the worst-case scenario of an interstate highway.

“There is clearly no need for motor vehicles to be in a position to slow down,” said Mark Wessel, a transportation professor at Texas A & M and co-author of the study.

Texas DOT, the agency responsible for planning the state highway system, has been slow to develop plans to build bicycle lanes.

But, in 2018, the legislature passed legislation that mandated that the state develop a plan to create “safe, convenient, safe and reliable bicycle lanes.”

The legislation is currently under consideration in the Texas Senate.

“Bicycle lanes have proven to be very effective at reducing the number of bicyclists who are killed on our highways,” said State Senator Kevin Eltife, a Democrat from Arlington.

“They have also been extremely popular in other cities across the state, especially in rural areas.

This bill will help make this happen in Texas.”

The bill is a major step toward improving the state transportation system, which currently has an average of three crashes per 100,000 miles of travel.

Last year, the Department of Transportation said that bicycle crashes in Texas averaged more than 40 per day.

Currently, bike lanes have been installed on four state highways, including the Brazos River Bridge, Interstate 35, I-35W, and I-45.

Bicycle lanes were installed on a total of four state and local highways in the 2017 legislative session.

The new bill would allow the state to install a single-lane bike lane on I-55 near the I-10 exit, but only if the state had the funds to build the lane.

That’s why, for the 2017 session, legislators approved $1.2 billion for road and bridge projects, which will likely require an extra $400 million.

“The bill would create a funding stream for infrastructure projects that are in the best interest of Texans, and will enable Texas to be a great bicycling destination in the coming years,” Eltifesaid.

“This bill will make it easier for the state and its residents to move safely and affordably on our roads.”

Texas highways open in 2018 after Hurricane Harvey

More than 60 percent of Texas highways reopened on Friday after Hurricane Florence, which dumped heavy rain on the state.

The Texas Department of Transportation said the following highway segments reopened on Monday: Highway 521, Highway 525, Highway 906, Highway 1040, Highway 1335, Highway 23, Highway 31, Highway 32, Highway 34, Highway 38, Highway 60, Highway 61, Highway 64, Highway 87, Highway 90, Highway 105, Highway 116, Highway 119, Highway 130, Highway 131, Highway 135, Highway 146, Highway 148, Highway 160, Highway 170, Highway 171, Highway 178, Highway 190, Highway 202, Highway 204, Highway 207, Highway 208, Highway 209, Highway 211, Highway 212, Highway 219, Highway 220, Highway 221, Highway 225, Highway 232, Highway 234, Highway 236, Highway 237, Highway 239, Highway 240, Highway 245, Highway 247, Highway 248, Highway 249, Highway 250, Highway 252, Highway 253, Highway 254, Highway 255, Highway 256, Highway 258, Highway 259, Highway 260, Highway 262, Highway 264, Highway 270, Highway 271, Highway 272, Highway 274, Highway 275, Highway 276, Highway 278, Highway 279, Highway 280, Highway 281, Highway 282, Highway 284, Highway 285, Highway 286, Highway 287, Highway 288, Highway 289, Highway 290, Highway 291, Highway 292, Highway 293, Highway 294, Highway 295, Highway 296, Highway 297, Highway 298, Highway 299, Highway 300, Highway 301, Highway 302, Highway 303, Highway 304, Highway 305, Highway 306, Highway 307, Highway 308, Highway 309, Highway 310, Highway 311, Highway 312, Highway 313, Highway 314, Highway 315, Highway 316, Highway 317, Highway 318, Highway 319, Highway 320, Highway 321, Highway 322, Highway 323, Highway 324, Highway 325, Highway 326, Highway 327, Highway 328, Highway 329, Highway 330, Highway 331, Highway 332, Highway 333, Highway 334, Highway 335, Highway 336, Highway 337, Highway 338, Highway 339, Highway 340, Highway 341, Highway 342, Highway 343, Highway 344, Highway 345, Highway 346, Highway 347, Highway 348, Highway 349, Highway 350, Highway 351, Highway 352, Highway 353, Highway 354, Highway 355, Highway 356, Highway 357, Highway 358, Highway 359, Highway 360, Highway 361, Highway 362, Highway 363, Highway 364, Highway 365, Highway 366, Highway 367, Highway 368, Highway 369, Highway 370, Highway 371, Highway 372, Highway 373, Highway 374, Highway 375, Highway 376, Highway 377, Highway 378, Highway 379, Highway 380, Highway 41, Highway 42, Highway 43, Highway 44, Highway 45, Highway 46, Highway 47, Highway 48, Highway 49, Highway 50, Highway 51, Highway 52, Highway 53, Highway 54, Highway 55, Highway 56, Highway 57, Highway 58, Highway 59, Highway 1, Highway 2, Highway 3, Highway 4, Highway 6, Highway 7, Highway 8, Highway 15, Highway 16, Highway 17, Highway 18, Highway 20, Highway 21, Highway 22, Highway 24, Highway 26, Highway 27, Highway 28, Highway 29, Highway 30, Highway 33, Highway 35, Highway 37, Highway 39, Highway 40, Highway 65, Highway 66, Highway 68, Highway 69, Highway 70, Highway 71, Highway 72, Highway 73, Highway 74, Highway 75, Highway 76, Highway 77, Highway 78, Highway 79, Highway 80, Highway 81, Highway 82, Highway 83, Highway 84, Highway 85, Highway 86, Highway 88, Highway 89, Highway 91, Highway 92, Highway 93, Highway 94, Highway 95, Highway 96, Highway 97, Highway 98, Highway 99, Highway 100, Highway 101, Highway 102, Highway 103, Highway 104, Highway 115, Highway 118, Highway 121, Highway 123, Highway 124, Highway 125, Highway 126, Highway 127, Highway 128, Highway 129, Highway 133, Highway 134, Highway 140, Highway 141, Highway 142, Highway 143, Highway 144, Highway 145, Highway 147, Highway 149, Highway 150, Highway 151, Highway 152, Highway 153, Highway 154, Highway 155, Highway 156, Highway 157, Highway 158, Highway 159, Highway 180, Highway 181, Highway 182, Highway 183, Highway 184, Highway 185, Highway 186, Highway 187, Highway 188, Highway 189, Highway 200, Highway 201, Highway 206, Highway 218, Highway 229, Highway 231, Highway 242, Highway 243, Highway 244, Highway 246, Highway 267, Highway 268, Highway 269, Highway 273, Highway 277, Highway 283, Highway 266, Highway 265, Highway 263, Highway 261, Highway 257, Highway 251, Highway 238, Highway 241, Highway 233, Highway 226, Highway 227, Highway 228, Highway 235, Highway 217, Highway 224,

How to get the most out of a Texas highway star: The Best Ways

In the Houston metropolitan area, a few highways have become known for their celebrity passengers.

For years, one of the most famous of them is the famous Katy Highway, the main highway through the city of Houston that passes through Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin.

There’s even a “Grand Parkway” where people can drive in all three cities and see what the stars are doing.

This past weekend, a group of celebrities came together to celebrate the highway star at the home of a Houston man named Jason Hight.

He’s the founder of the Hight Road Club, which is dedicated to the star’s safety.

The highway star was one of several stars who showed up at Hight’s home.

“It was a lot of fun.

They did a lot for him, and he thanked us,” Hight told Politico.

“They showed us that Houston can do anything we do.”

The highway stars are a way for Houstonians to celebrate their favorite celebrities and the road they drive on.

They’re also a way to celebrate an event that was actually a huge success.

In a little over a year, Houston has been the biggest city in Texas to receive a star.

Last week, a number of celebrities including Tom Hanks, Kate Winslet and John Legend visited the city to celebrate a star they’ve created.

“This is a great day for Houston, for our city, for all of our people and for the road that they drive,” Hanks said in his acceptance speech.

“I hope to see you soon.”

After the highway stars’ arrival, Hight said the Houston Road Club started an online fundraising campaign to get a star onto the Katy Highway.

Hight and other road stars also made a special visit to Houston’s city hall.

“When we walked in the hall and saw what they were doing, it was just crazy,” Hights said.

“We thought, ‘That’s amazing.’

They were so kind.”

Houston officials told Hight they’ll pay for a star to be added to the Katy highway.

The stars will be able to drive to Houston from anywhere, as long as they have a valid Texas driver’s license.

“The highway is going to be free, free to ride, and they’ll be able ride the road freely,” Hays said.

The Hight road club will be adding a number more stars to the highway in the coming weeks.

“You’ll see a few more of them, but that’s what you get for having an interest in the road,” Hinks said.

Houston is also getting its own version of the highway.

Housh has launched a website called The Road to Houston, which will offer more information about the highway and its history.