How to stop a car chase in Arizona

When a car swerves around a corner and you’re chasing it, don’t be afraid to yell and flash your headlights at it to get it to stop.

It’s a common tactic to distract a car before it starts to move.

You can also use your hands to push the car off of the road and get it off the highway, as the Arizona Highway Patrol has done in this video.

The Arizona Highway patrol has been doing this trick for years, and now it’s being used to prevent accidents from happening.

The video below shows how the tactic works, and it shows the potential dangers of it: In this video, you can see the car coming up on the highway in the background, but you can also see the driver’s side window.

If the driver gets out of the car, you’ll see a police car in the distance, which is an emergency vehicle.

The driver is driving erratically.

You don’t want to pull the car over and start the chase.

If it doesn’t stop, you’re likely to get hit.

You want to get as far away from the car as possible so you can get to the nearest police officer.

It may take you a few tries, but it’s the safest and quickest way to get away from it.

The police officer pulls over and tells you that they’ll be waiting.

After a few seconds, the officer will let you go, but he’s also going to be watching you closely, to make sure you don’t make any mistakes.

The officer will then tell you to “get out of my way,” and you’ll then have to pull over.

If you can’t get out of his way quickly enough, he may be able to arrest you.

You might also need to get out a couple of blocks away to get a better view of the highway.

The chase starts with a loud thud, which means you’re close to the highway at this point.

If someone has just pulled over, the thud will be the only sound in the vehicle.

If there’s a police officer nearby, he’ll also be going through the sound check and might be able stop you before you get out.

The thud is also one of the signs of someone having been hit by a car.

You should still stop to listen to the police officer and let him know you need to leave.

Once the thump is gone, you should be able drive away, and then you should stop the car again and see if he’s stopped the driver.

The first time you pull into the driveway, you may not be able see the driveway in the video, but if the officer has just stopped the car in front of you, you probably should be aware of it.

If he has not stopped the vehicle, you might be looking at a traffic ticket.

If they have, you need a tow truck, which can take a few hours to do.

Once you’ve pulled out of your driveway, there should be a police cruiser and a car that’s parked behind the car that was pulled over.

It could be a few police cars.

If all else fails, you have to get someone out to the front of the house to let the driver off the hook.

That person should have the keys to the vehicle in his or her hands, and you may want to show them to the driver, if possible.

You’re now ready to get the car back on the road.

If everything else is still working, you could try this on your own: You could also get a tow vehicle, which will usually tow the car out of a parking spot.

If a car is being towed, it will likely be the one that’s being hit.

When the car is pulled, the driver will be driving slowly, and if there’s any kind of traffic, it could be difficult for the driver to keep up with.

But once you have the car towed, you don: The car should be towed to a safe place.