‘Lost Highway’: How the Redwood Highway and the National Highway System Are Being Lost

By John MacDougall BBC News’ senior environmental correspondentThe National Highway system is the backbone of the Western Australian economy, but it’s also at risk.

As a result, it’s a major focus for the new government.

The state’s new National Infrastructure Program (NIP) is due to be launched next week.

It’s one of a number of infrastructure plans to be announced in the state next week, including the new regional government system.

But while it may look like a major project, it is a small one.

The NIP is only the second in the Western Australia, following the State Government’s $2.4bn State Infrastructure Plan, which will see the state’s roads, railways and electricity networks upgraded to the standards of those in the rest of Australia.

The plan will be put into action by the end of 2019.

The State Government has set a target to increase the number of kilometres of motorway by 20 per cent a year.

But the plan is based on a “medium-term” assumption that the new state government will increase the size of the system to 1,000 kilometres a year by 2023.

The Government says it will also invest in the development of new highways, but has yet to set out a target.

The new NIP will provide funding to the State’s road, rail and power networks.

It will be funded from the Federal Government’s Roads, Maritime and Transport Fund.

But there are some key differences with the previous state government’s plan.

It does not allocate any funding for the development or operation of a national highway system, unlike the State Infrastructure Fund.

The federal government has a $3.8bn national highway fund for infrastructure.

The National Infrastructure Fund allocates $2bn each year to the states and territories.

It is set to be released on September 4.

But because the NIP funding is separate from the National Infrastructure fund, the State Governments Highway Agency is not expected to make any public announcement about the funding until late 2019.

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