How to pronounce ‘Divided Highway’

The highway that divides Los Angeles County from Ventura County in Southern California is split in two.

That’s the case of a new sign that’s been installed on Interstate 5 between the two counties, and that’s also an example of how signage can be used to communicate important information.

The highway in question is called Highway 55, and it’s divided in two: from west to east and from north to south.

This signage will help drivers understand what’s going on on the two sides of the highway.

It’s a great example of what the internet can do.

It’s an internet connection and it works so well because it can be shared across a network of thousands of computers and all of the information is available for everyone to see.

This is Highway 55 in Ventura County.

It divides two roads.

And there’s a sign on it.

The image is a map.

So it shows how that highway divides two highways, and how it connects Ventura County to the rest of California.

This signage is being installed on I-5 between Ventura County and Los Angeles.

It tells drivers that there is a new highway that connects the two communities.

The signs are part of the city of Ventura, and the city is named Highway 55.

We’re seeing that sign in other places around the state, and we’re seeing them all over the country.

It will be up for about five weeks before the new signage goes up, but I’m going to start looking for other ways that I can make sure that it is useful and useful for everybody.

I want to make sure the signs are clear and that the message is understood and that we’re communicating clearly.

And we’re also seeing signs that are really helpful for people who are in the area.

But they are not being displayed as often as they should be.

The signs that I’ve seen have not been up for a couple of months.

I don’t know if that’s a good sign, but it doesn’t seem to be working well for everybody, and I think that’s really important for the community to know.

Road to a high court hearing over NSW’s new road safety measures

New South Wales’s government is seeking the court’s permission to take legal action against the ACT Government for its new road laws.

Key points:The ACT Government is seeking to block the government’s plans to build a new interstate highway on the ACT’s coastIt is seeking a court injunction to prevent the ACT government from building a road from the ACT coast to the Queensland border in the northQueensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says the Government is using the ACT as a stepping stone for other statesThe ACT’s Roads Minister Andrew Constance said the ACT would seek a court order to stop the ACT State Government from building the road, which would cost $50 million.

“The ACT is in the midst of an election and we have the opportunity to build the right road,” Mr Constance told ABC Radio.

“I am hoping that we will be able to do that.”

Mr Constance’s comments come after the ACT Premier announced on Wednesday she would scrap her plans to use the ACT to build new roadways across the state.

Ms Palaszek said the Government would use the Australian Capital Territory to construct the road from a remote remote coastal spot to the ACT border.

She said it would be used for ferry services and freight.

The Government is also seeking to stop construction on a new highway to the northern Queensland town of Moroni from the Queensland coast.

Ms Constance confirmed the Government had contacted the Federal Government about the road but said she had not yet been made aware of their response.

“We will work with the Federal Environment Minister and our Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development,” Ms Palasczuk said.

“There will be a full and fair debate about the future of our road network.”