‘You’d be a fool not to get off’: Texas cop dies after allegedly being pulled over by devil’s highway

A Texas highway safety chief has died after allegedly getting pulled over in an illegal state by a devil’s road.

In the days after the traffic stop, the chief’s wife and the driver of his patrol car were killed in separate accidents, according to a news release from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The death of his wife is under investigation.

The chief, identified as Sgt. Brandon Jones, was pronounced dead at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Austin, Texas, according a statement from the DPS.

The chief was 61.

A video of the encounter posted online shows Jones standing over a pickup truck with his gun drawn.

He is heard saying to the driver, “You’d have to be a damn fool not in to see this one.”

A trooper, identified in the news release as Sgt Steve Williams, who was the driver in the pickup, also has died.

Williams and the trucker were not immediately available for comment, the DPS said.

The department said Jones was one of several officers on duty at the time of the traffic crash.

He was also one of the first officers to respond to a call of an erratic driver at the scene of a fatal crash.

The incident took place on the northbound lanes of the I-45 overpass at Interstate 45, between I-35 and Interstate 30.

How to identify the Houston Highway in a video

On a sunny spring afternoon in Houston, a few dozen people gathered for the annual Texas Highway Patrol show.

There were no cameras, no fancy sound systems and no cars speeding along the road.

The only vehicles were the unmarked vehicles of the Highway Patrol, which have their own special badges.

The highway is designated “D” for Dallas, and is divided into two sections, north and south.

Each section is roughly 20 kilometres long.

Each part is marked by a number, and on the north side is “C”, while on the south side is an “A”.

A driver who drives north on the highway is marked “D”, and a driver who goes south on the same section is marked as “A” or “B”.

The Highway Patrol is a group of 12 officers, each of whom has their own badge number and badge name.

Each officer carries a flag that reads “Texas Highway Patrol”.

The officer with the most flags in his or her badge is also the official highway patrol vehicle.

The Houston highway is divided in two sections: the north section, where there are marked lanes for passing, and the south section, which is divided between parking and speed limits.

The north section has two lanes for each direction, so there are two lanes to drive through at a time.

On the south, there are only two lanes, and one lane for each vehicle.

When approaching the south end of the highway, you may want to cross the road to avoid the slow moving vehicles.

As a driver approaches the south lane, you need to give yourself some space to pass safely.

The slower vehicles will be slower to stop than the faster ones.

At intersections, there will be marked signs indicating the speed limit.

Drivers need to yield to other vehicles, even if it’s too slow to stop.

When you see an unmarked vehicle with a flashing red light, stop.

Do not drive around the unmarked vehicle.

This is to help pedestrians.

The flashing light means a pedestrian is crossing the street in the crosswalk.

If you see a pedestrian crossing the road in the centre of the intersection, you should stop immediately and let the pedestrian pass.

If the pedestrian is not crossing the intersection safely, you can stop, too.

You should not stop until you have given yourself enough room to pass, but it’s OK to stop when the pedestrian gets closer to the road ahead.

Do NOT pass on the shoulder.

If a pedestrian comes too close to you, turn right onto the shoulder, or wait until the pedestrian has passed.

If there is no sidewalk on the other side of the road, the pedestrian must cross the street.

If they do not, they must stay on the right side of that street, and then continue their journey until the traffic light turns green, and they cross.

If your speed limit is 20 km/h or less, it is OK to slow down.

However, it’s a good idea to slow at the traffic lights.

When crossing a busy highway, always drive on the left side of it.

You will get stuck in the middle of the traffic flow.

In some places, you might be able to make a right turn without making a left turn.

However you do it, you must always drive as close to the right of the flow as possible.

It’s a dangerous practice.

In the event of an accident, the police will be able make an arrest and will take you to jail for the offence.

It is also possible to drive without being ticketed for speeding, but you will be fined.

If I am driving on the Harris County highway, what do I do if I have a crash?

The Harris County Highway Patrol will make an inspection of your vehicle if it is found to be in need of repair.

You can get an inspection at any Harris County office, including your county courthouse, but the police office in Dallas is your best bet.

If it’s discovered that you have a defect in your vehicle, the Texas Department of Transportation will provide you with a free repair kit.

This will include a flat tire repair kit and an inspection.

How do I get my vehicle inspected?

You can call the Texas Highway Commission at (210) 971-4890, or contact the Texas DOT at (512) 923-9200.

The Texas Department has a list of authorized inspectors in each county, which includes a list with the authorized inspectors.

If my vehicle has a defect, what should I do?

You should immediately notify the Texas highway commission or Texas DOT of the defect.

You must also report the accident to the Texas Office of the Attorney General.

The Office of Attorney General will investigate your case.

They will also investigate the accident report to see if any charges will be filed against you.

How will I know if I’ve broken the law?

If your case is being investigated by the Texas State Highway Patrol or Texas Department for Motor Vehicle, the Department of Motor Vehicles will send you a citation for a violation of the law. You’ll

How to get the most out of a Texas highway star: The Best Ways

In the Houston metropolitan area, a few highways have become known for their celebrity passengers.

For years, one of the most famous of them is the famous Katy Highway, the main highway through the city of Houston that passes through Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin.

There’s even a “Grand Parkway” where people can drive in all three cities and see what the stars are doing.

This past weekend, a group of celebrities came together to celebrate the highway star at the home of a Houston man named Jason Hight.

He’s the founder of the Hight Road Club, which is dedicated to the star’s safety.

The highway star was one of several stars who showed up at Hight’s home.

“It was a lot of fun.

They did a lot for him, and he thanked us,” Hight told Politico.

“They showed us that Houston can do anything we do.”

The highway stars are a way for Houstonians to celebrate their favorite celebrities and the road they drive on.

They’re also a way to celebrate an event that was actually a huge success.

In a little over a year, Houston has been the biggest city in Texas to receive a star.

Last week, a number of celebrities including Tom Hanks, Kate Winslet and John Legend visited the city to celebrate a star they’ve created.

“This is a great day for Houston, for our city, for all of our people and for the road that they drive,” Hanks said in his acceptance speech.

“I hope to see you soon.”

After the highway stars’ arrival, Hight said the Houston Road Club started an online fundraising campaign to get a star onto the Katy Highway.

Hight and other road stars also made a special visit to Houston’s city hall.

“When we walked in the hall and saw what they were doing, it was just crazy,” Hights said.

“We thought, ‘That’s amazing.’

They were so kind.”

Houston officials told Hight they’ll pay for a star to be added to the Katy highway.

The stars will be able to drive to Houston from anywhere, as long as they have a valid Texas driver’s license.

“The highway is going to be free, free to ride, and they’ll be able ride the road freely,” Hays said.

The Hight road club will be adding a number more stars to the highway in the coming weeks.

“You’ll see a few more of them, but that’s what you get for having an interest in the road,” Hinks said.

Houston is also getting its own version of the highway.

Housh has launched a website called The Road to Houston, which will offer more information about the highway and its history.

‘Arrow’ fans are hoping to get the Season 4 finale in December

“Arrow” fans have been eagerly awaiting Season 4 since the show’s last season premiered in January.

And now they’re hoping for more.

“Arrows” cast and crew members posted a video Wednesday on Instagram showing fans lined up at the door to the premiere of the show to get their first look at the season 4 finale.

The fans were also excited to get a first look to the season finale, with the first trailer being released to coincide with the premiere.

“It’s so exciting and surreal,” Emily Bett Rickards (Detective Sara Lance) said in the video.

“I’m really excited for people to see it.

And I hope you’re all excited too.”

“Arrgh,” said Emily (Willa Holland), as her daughter Katie looks on.

“So much for this season.

We’re waiting on that,” added Lance.

“We’re not here to watch a show and to just have a cup of coffee, but we’re here to do this.

And we want to see the finale.

So we want it to be awesome,” she added.

Fans who have not yet been to the show are invited to attend the premiere on Sunday, Jan. 31, in a celebration of Season 4, which will also include the show airing its final episode.

“To be a part of this show that we’ve all been a part since the very beginning, to be here and to watch the finale, that’s a lot of excitement,” said Sara Lance, who plays Sara Lance.

Fans can check out the first footage in the premiere trailer by following the hashtags #ArrowsSeason4, #Arrow, #season4,#Season4Atheist, #australia, #california, #texas, #houston, and #altitude.