How to drive safely on the highway

There are plenty of things you can do on the interstate, but driving safely is a priority.

The road is a big, crowded place and drivers must always keep a keen eye out for pedestrians, animals, vehicles and other dangers.

Here are some tips on how to be a good driver.


Keep your eyes on the road.

You can’t control the speed of the car, but if you are looking at a car ahead, you should take your eyes off the road and be ready to slow down.

This will help you avoid being run over by the car.


Slow down, keep your eyes open and listen to the road ahead.

Be aware of what the other drivers are doing.

If they are honking, speeding or weaving, you may be at a higher risk of being hit.

If you see someone weaving or speeding, it’s a good idea to slow your speed down to be aware of the road before you make a turn.


Watch your speed.

If there is a lot of traffic going on, look behind you to see what’s going on and stop your speed if you see something.

If it’s too fast, you’ll slow down even more and you might be struck by a vehicle.


Pay attention to the stop signs.

If the car ahead is stopping or slowing down, it will look like it is doing a double-take.

It may be too fast to stop and you could get hit by the next vehicle.

Pay close attention to any signs and give them a look-see.

Look for the flashing red, yellow and green lights.

If a sign says, “Stop”, turn your headlights on.

If one says, ‘Stay on the right lane’ and there are no flashing red or yellow lights, you are safe to continue on the freeway.


Slow to the right.

Don’t slow down and be prepared to brake before a car is coming your way.

The speed limit is 40 kilometres per hour.


Watch the road for other vehicles.

If other vehicles are coming your right, turn your lights off and don’t speed.

Wait until they stop before speeding up. 7.

Stay safe in the car at speed.

Keep a safe distance behind the car you are driving, and if there are other people in the vehicle, be aware that you are vulnerable.


Pay special attention to your surroundings.

If people are talking on cellphones or are talking to people behind you, pay attention.

The other driver is probably distracted and can be distracted too.


Don´t speed too fast.

If an oncoming vehicle is going so fast you feel you are going too fast and then speed up, you will slow down faster.

This could cause you to hit another vehicle and possibly hit another person.


Don�t speed at night.

If at night you see a car coming at you at full speed, slow down to a safe speed and take your time.


Don\’t use your phone when driving.

Don”t be distracted by your phone and drive normally.

If someone is talking on your phone while you are talking, stop and put the phone away.


Never drive at night or at night rush hour.


Don’t slow down for pedestrians.

If pedestrians are walking, don’t slow your vehicle down and try to pass them.

It could cause a collision and you can be hit.


Don t stop and turn when you see an animal or a vehicle coming at your vehicle.

The dog will bark and you should turn to avoid colliding with it. 15.

Keep an eye on other vehicles and drivers.

If drivers are going at a high speed, it is very important to keep your speed low and stay as far away from the other vehicles as possible.

You are vulnerable when there are vehicles going too quickly.


Always stay alert and look for traffic signs and road signs.

Make sure to read all signs and look ahead to the next car to see if it is heading your way, and to see how fast it is going.


Always check the speed limit.

If your speed is too high, you might crash into other vehicles or people.