What you need to know about the construction of a highway 75 in the Kansai region

A new highway will run from Hachiku to the northern border of the Kansei region, but many locals are not excited about the idea of a new highway.

“The highway is an old highway that will continue to be used until 2030,” said Yoshikazu Suzuki, a senior municipal government official from the Kanseizai city in southern Kyushu prefecture.

“The road will only be used for public transportation and it will only run from the north to the south, and will not be used by people from outside the city,” Suzuki said.

He said a few residents of the city have expressed concern about the highway, but that no one from the municipality has told them about the project.

The highway will have three lanes.

“I’m concerned because I don’t think we will get enough use of the highway,” said a resident named Haruna, who requested her last name not be published.

A sign at the entrance to the highway project site reads, “The highway construction project is on.”

A sign in front of the construction site reads “Construction is underway.”

The sign says the project will take five years.

Aerial view of Highway 75 in Kansei prefecture, Kyushus prefectureOctober 1, 2017.

Photo courtesy of the National Tourism Administration.

Hachiku, or Highway 75, will run north-south from the city of Hachiko to Hachizan, a village near the northern edge of the Kanto region.

It will also have a new bridge connecting Hachikura, about 45 kilometers (25 miles) north of Hichikura city, to the Kanso district, an area where a number of villages and small towns are located.

The Kanso city is about 80 kilometers (50 miles) south of Hochiku.

Hachi, the Kanweishu village that sits just west of Hacho City, was established in 1868, and has a population of only about 300 people.

The village’s main road connects Hachika, a town near Hachico, with the Hachizu region, where about 1,500 people live.

The Kanseiseizai municipality of Hachi, which has a prefecture of about 20,000 people, has been in negotiations with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to build a highway.

Mitsuboshi Heavy, which is constructing the highway with a local company, had planned to open the highway in 2021, but Mitsubishis delays in the construction process have slowed the project to 2020.

The new highway, which will be built by Mitsubashi Heavy, is estimated to cost about $1 billion.

Suzuki said that, as of now, Mitsubashis construction plan is for the construction to begin in 2020.

The highway is also being built by the National Transportation Agency.

Construction of the new highway began in the spring of 2020.

A few months later, the National Development and Reform Commission, which oversees local governments, approved the project for the Kan-seizae prefecture and Hachi.

The project is expected to take two to three years to complete.

Kansai Region Planning Commission head, Takashi Kato, said the project is “one of the main priorities” of the region’s development.

Kato said the highway will “benefit our people, but also the region.”

The road project, however, has sparked controversy among local residents.

Some residents, including Kato himself, have expressed concerns about the new route.

“There are some who say this highway will harm the local environment,” Kato told reporters on Monday.

“In my opinion, the Kanseiseis highway will be the most scenic highway in the world,” said the mayor of Hacchan village, who asked not to be named.

He said that there are no trees on the highway and that the road will make it impossible to travel by horseback.

“It will be impossible to walk along the road,” he said.

“We should do away with this highway,” he added.

Residents also say that the highway would cause damage to the surrounding natural area, including the nearby mountain ridge that stretches for nearly three kilometers (two miles) from Hacho to Hachi city.

The road will also disturb the natural environment and destroy some of the nearby rice fields, which provide a source of income for some of Hacha’s 1.2 million residents.

Residents of the Hacho city, which covers about 1.6 million hectares (5.4 million acres), are concerned about the road.

“This highway will bring us more traffic and pollution, and it won’t help us cope with the climate change,” said Kato.

“People who live in Hacho are afraid of the potential for pollution.”

The Top 25 Songs From the Summer of 2018

New York City has been in the middle of an epic summer of summer music since the end of August, and as of mid-September, the summer has been rocking like never before.

Here’s our rundown of the best summer music from the past few weeks.

#1: Dio  The first track to arrive on the list, Dio’s debut album “Triton,” has been widely acclaimed as a great introduction to the singer-songwriter’s signature style, which sees him effortlessly weaving a layered, orchestral sound that has often been described as a blend of jazz, jazz fusion, and folk.

The album is full of catchy melodies and infectious vocals, as well as some of the most intense moments from the singer’s career, including a track called “Violet.”

#2: Hush Dario Argento has a knack for making catchy, catchy songs, and this is one of those times.

The “Voltron” singer-actress is also known for making memorable performances at a variety of festivals, and “Hush” features a strong, rousing chorus that captures Argento’s signature voice perfectly.

It’s a catchy tune that would make any Summer Jam fan happy.

#3: K.

Flay & Friends  Dio Argento & Friends’ new song “Tribute to a Friend” is a standout, and its infectious chorus is a perfect match for the band’s sound.

A song that will undoubtedly be popular in its own right, “Trie” is one that will be sung at many Summer Jam gatherings and it’s one of the few songs that will have a chance to get a full-length release this year.

#4: The Flaming Lips  Another song that would be fun to sing with at Summer Jam, “I’ll Go For The Sky” is another track that’s been a hit at festivals and at shows.

This is one Argento track that could definitely be sung on the dance floor.

#5: Nicki Minaj & The Black Eyed Peas  The “Dance Party” singer is known for having a knack of bringing a great song to the stage, and her new track “We Love You” has been a huge hit at Summer Jams for years.

The chorus of this song, which is an amalgam of country and hip-hop, is full and powerful, and the vocals from Minaj are perfect.

#6: Taylor Swift  The Swift sisters have a history of putting on huge performances at Summer Campivals, and it shows here as they both sang at the annual Summer Jam this year, but this song from the album “Reputation” is an entirely different beast.

It is the perfect song to sing along to during a dance party.

This song would definitely fit in nicely at a Summer Jam.

#7: The Weeknd  The Weekends favorite “Work” is the most popular song to arrive this year on the Billboard Hot 100, and that’s a testament to the track’s impact.

The song’s chorus is an amazing example of how the singer uses her voice to create a compelling sound that is captivating.

The vocals are a bit too high for the crowd, but the song is one to keep in your playlist and will be heard on any summer night.

#8: The Chainsmokers  The Chainsmoker are one of my favorite Summer Jam bands, and they were definitely at the forefront of a new wave of Summer Jam performances last year.

The Chainsmeys song “Runaway” is absolutely fantastic, and is perfect for any Summer Jammers night.

You can listen to “Runway” at the following Spotify Playlists: Spotify Playlist:The Chainsmey, The Chains, The, The Cuffs, The J.

Lo, The Mamas, The Doms, The Loves, The Jets, The Kings, The Maroons, The Stars, The Sisters, The Stays, The Wives, The Boys, The Cougars, The Pines, The Girls, The Fools, The Eagles, The Trumps, The Warriors, The Vamps, The Dogs, The Temptations, The Angels, The Hounds, The Riots, The Wolves, The Bulls, The Rams, The Lions, The Patriots, The Cowboys, The Ravens, The Bills, The Colts, The Raiders, The Steelers, The Texans, The Jaguars, The Browns, The Titans, The Bengals, The Dolphins, The Chargers, The Chiefs, The Seahawks, The Falcons, The Saints, The Cardinals, The Vikings, The Packers, The Bears, The Buccaneers, The 49ers, The Giants, The Redskins, The Panthers, The Broncos, The Reds, The Blues, The Wizards, The White Sox, The Ducks, The Red Sox, and The Jets.

Check out our Summer Jam 2018 playlist below.

Arizona highway 75 to reopen after deadly crash near Walmart boulder highway

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) said Tuesday it will reopen Highway 75 between Walmart and Boulder, north of the town of Walmart, after a crash near the Walmart boulder Highway on Tuesday morning killed at least five people and injured six others.

The Arizona Department’s Highway Safety Division said in a statement that an accident near the Wal-Mart boulder highway was investigated as a possible act of vehicular homicide and is under investigation.

The highway was closed for two hours and is expected to be open again shortly.

A witness told ABC News affiliate KPHO that the crash was “pretty scary.”

He said he saw a “big, scary truck” going down the road and saw a man running away.

He said a man had his hands up in the air and was waving his arms around.

He also said a woman in a red shirt ran over to help him.

The truck was stopped at a red light at the intersection of Highway 75 and the Walmart Mountain Road about 7:45 a.m. and two people were killed.

A woman driving the truck was seriously injured and died.ADOT said there were five people injured.

One of those was the driver of the truck.

He was pronounced dead at the scene, ADOT said.

The other three victims are in serious condition.

The agency did not release the names of the people killed.