Which road will go into the auction?

A pair of proposed road expansions in Melbourne’s west have been put forward for public consultation in the wake of a coronavirus scare.

Key points:The road would extend from West Gate to West Gate Park and link to the Gold Coast’s north-east coast, but would be built on an existing highway and would not be a new roadThere are fears it will affect car traffic in the city, particularly in the inner-west, and the Government is working with community groups to ensure that is not the caseThere are no plans to expand the existing highway, which is currently in a state of disrepairThe new proposal will extend from west gate to west gate park, linking to the north-west coast.

The proposed extensions, which are expected to be unveiled at the end of this year, would extend the existing Highway 64 into the west, linking with the Gold coast’s north east coast.

But while the proposal is seen as a significant expansion of the existing road, there is concern that it will impact car traffic and the environment in the CBD.

“If we have an expansion, we’re looking at having to change the infrastructure on that particular stretch of highway,” Victorian Roads Minister Nick Kypreos said.

“The Gold Coast is one of our largest, most important urban areas.

We have a number of significant projects going on at the moment.”

We’re looking to be part of that.

“Roads minister Nick Kyprios has identified two potential expansions to the Highway 64 network.

(AAP)Roads Minister Nick McConnell said the road expansion would provide a link between the Goldcoast and the CBD and would also help connect with the North West Freeway, which has been a key project in the area for years.”

It will create a link to Westgate, and a connection between Gold Coast and North West, and it will connect with Gold Coast Harbour and the North-West Freeway,” he said.

The Government is already investing $150 million in the Goldcorp road network in order to reduce congestion in the west.

But the Government said that would not affect traffic or the environment.”

Our focus in the last few months has been to focus on improving traffic flow around Melbourne and the wider area,” Mr McConnell said.

Mr McConnell said that the expansion would not impact traffic on existing roads, and that it would provide an alternative route between Melbourne and Gold Coast.”

Roads like this provide an additional, faster, more direct route to and from the Gold Coasts,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

There’s no doubt that that will benefit the Goldcove and Goldcote, and people who live along the Goldbelt will benefit from the additional connection.

“The Government said it had already engaged community groups in assessing the viability of the expansion.”

They’ve looked at the feasibility of it,” Mr Kyprius said.’

This is not about the future’The Goldcorps road network has been in place since 2014.

The Goldcoasts council said the expansion was one of a series of road projects it was currently working on.”

To be honest, this is not a project that we’re trying to get done today,” Mr Rycroft said.”[But] there’s been some positive developments that have been made in relation to the extension and in relation the Gold Corps road.

“And we’ve got some really good news coming up on the Goldfields road.”

The expansion would also create a new roundabout and a new interchange with the existing Goldcoron Parkway.

The plans are expected in the second half of 2018.

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