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The most interesting and important thing is that a woman, with a young child, drove her way through the first round of highway construction on the New Mexico highways.2.

She is probably the first person to drive through the highway.3.

The woman was a good driver.4.

She was also very young and her child was a young toddler.

The New Mexico Department of Transportation said in a statement that the woman, whose name was not released, was driving on Interstate 5, and that she was able to complete the highway project with her son and daughter in tow.

The agency said that the highway was in good condition and that there were no reports of any accidents or traffic disruptions.

The statement also noted that the work was being done in conjunction with other projects and that the project was expected to be completed in the spring.

The Department of Motor Vehicles has been trying to finish construction on Interstate 10, which has been under construction since 2010.

The project has been plagued by delays and protests by local residents who have argued that the state has not been doing enough to improve road conditions.

The project will add a total of 1.4 million vehicles to the state’s road system.