How to get around the Texas state highways

The Texas Department of Transportation has launched an initiative that allows people to take over a portion of Interstate 10 from Interstate 40 to Highway 8 in the Houston area.

The Highway 8 bridge will be opened in 2019.

The initiative will be used to expand the network of highway toll roads that extend from the border with Mexico to the U.S. Gulf Coast.

The state will also open two more toll roads in the Dallas area, which are currently under construction. 

Texas Transportation Secretary David Dewhurst said the highway initiative will open up more highway capacity for Texans, and encourage more traffic. 

“We are trying to get more drivers into our state, and we want more Texans to have the option of being able to drive on these roads,” Dewhurst told reporters in Austin. 

In a statement, Texas Department the Texas Toll Road Administration said the initiative is an extension of the state’s existing Toll Roads Capacity Expansion Program. 

The program was established in 2015 to encourage Texas’ states and localities to improve and expand their highways and bridge networks to accommodate the growing demand for mobility. 

State highway and bridge authority officials will announce details of the project in coming weeks, but Dewhurst is hopeful that the initiative will help boost the state economy.

“The initiative will allow us to continue to expand capacity and the infrastructure that connects our region to the rest of the United States, including the Gulf Coast,” Dewdensaid.

“Our state is poised to become one of the most highly developed and productive in the country.”

When does a Texas A&M football game become an “off-campus event?”


— The Alabama Crimson Tide will take on a visiting team on Saturday afternoon in a game that will be televised nationally and at a point in time where fans can’t even be at the stadium.

The Aggies will open the season on the road in the College Football Playoff semifinals.

The game, which will be a first-of-its-kind matchup, will also feature the most television revenue in college football.

The Crimson Tide are expected to sell out for the game, making it the largest such event for the school since the 2011 Rose Bowl.

The event, which is expected to draw an estimated $4 million to $5 million, will be broadcast live on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN Mobile and ESPNEWS.

It will be the biggest game in college basketball history.

The game, expected to generate $4.6 million in ticket sales, will air on ESPN3, ABC, Fox Sports 1, Fox Deportes and ESPNU.

It also will air live on ESPN2.

While it won’t be a home game for the Tide, the game will be on ESPN, which has had a major presence in college sports since the college football era began.

ESPN has a 24 percent market share in the U.S. and will air the game in its entirety on the network.

It will also be the second consecutive year Alabama will have a nationally televised game.

The Tide had a game against LSU on Nov. 17, 2017, when Alabama won 35-7.

The two teams also played in a College Football Championship Game in 2019.

ESPN has broadcasted a number of college football games since its inception in 2004.

Alabama’s first national television game was a 34-28 win over Texas Tech in 2005.

The next year, the Tide played against Virginia Tech in the national championship game.

In 2011, the Crimson Tide defeated Georgia Tech, 36-0, in a rematch of last year’s national championship.

A week later, Alabama played Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl, a game Alabama won 31-10.

The following year, Alabama defeated Georgia State in the Sugar Bowl, 38-31.

In 2017, Alabama was beaten in the SEC Championship Game by Auburn.

Alabama defeated Mississippi State in Week 6 of the 2017 season, and was beaten by Texas A & M in Week 12.

After a loss in Week 2 to Clemson, the Aggies fell to Ole Miss in Week 3, 34-24, before beating South Carolina in Week 10, 33-26.

During the 2018 season, the first game Alabama did not play in the National Championship Game was the season opener against Mississippi State.

Since then, Alabama has been a major part of the College Basketball Playoffs.

Alabama will play Alabama in the 2017-18 NCAA Tournament semifinals on Saturday night, where Alabama will face Alabama A&M in the first round.

Alabama’s first-round opponent will be No. 6 Clemson, who will be coached by Nick Saban.

Alabama and Clemson will meet for the first time in the NCAA Tournament in 2021.

Kroger Dixie Highway 10 is Closed for Maintenance

Kroger is shutting down highway 10 in South Dakota due to a safety concern, the company announced today.

“Due to a structural failure, our employees are temporarily grounded and the highway will be closed until further notice,” the company said in a statement.

“All Kroger employees will be notified by phone or email if they have any questions.”

Kroger says it’s looking into the cause of the structural failure.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with our employees and their families,” the statement said.

It’s the second time in less than a week that Kroger has shut down a major highway in the state.

On Friday, the state Department of Transportation shut down the highway in South Platte, saying the contractor’s failure was “reasonably foreseeable.”

The department said the highway is scheduled to be reopened later this week.

Kroger closed Highway 10 in October and said it would replace the damaged bridge over the Colorado River.

Kroer said it planned to open up Highway 10 to truck traffic in 2019.