Divided Highway sign sparks controversy in Georgia

A sign divided between two highways has caused a stir in Georgia.

The sign, erected by the Georgia Department of Transportation, is located between the Interstate 90 and Highway 75 ramps.

The highway signs have been installed since 2000 and are supposed to separate traffic from one another.

However, it has sparked a public outcry, with some calling it racist and insulting.

The state DOT posted the sign on the interstate, stating: “The highway sign is divided by the I-90/75 ramp, but you can cross it to reach Highway 75 and it is divided in two.

We ask that you do not cross it at all, and please do not use the ramps.

There are no exits or turnouts.”

The state agency also posted a letter to the editor of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution explaining that the split highway sign was designed to “disrupt the flow of traffic on Interstate 90”.

The Georgia DOT responded by stating that the divided sign was in compliance with Georgia DOTs regulations.

In an email, the DOT said: “Georgia DOTs Department of Public Works has made it clear that this is an error and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to you and our customers.”

The DOT also explained that the division was meant to show that the road had two lanes and was divided by a bridge.

The Georgia Department also said that it was working with the Atlanta Journal Constitution on the sign.

The DOT has since posted the following apology on its website:”We apologize to our customers for this error.

We have since removed the sign, and will be contacting the Atlanta-based newspaper to have it replaced with a more appropriate sign.

We are currently working on replacing the sign in conjunction with a new one.”

How to pronounce ‘Divided Highway’

The highway that divides Los Angeles County from Ventura County in Southern California is split in two.

That’s the case of a new sign that’s been installed on Interstate 5 between the two counties, and that’s also an example of how signage can be used to communicate important information.

The highway in question is called Highway 55, and it’s divided in two: from west to east and from north to south.

This signage will help drivers understand what’s going on on the two sides of the highway.

It’s a great example of what the internet can do.

It’s an internet connection and it works so well because it can be shared across a network of thousands of computers and all of the information is available for everyone to see.

This is Highway 55 in Ventura County.

It divides two roads.

And there’s a sign on it.

The image is a map.

So it shows how that highway divides two highways, and how it connects Ventura County to the rest of California.

This signage is being installed on I-5 between Ventura County and Los Angeles.

It tells drivers that there is a new highway that connects the two communities.

The signs are part of the city of Ventura, and the city is named Highway 55.

We’re seeing that sign in other places around the state, and we’re seeing them all over the country.

It will be up for about five weeks before the new signage goes up, but I’m going to start looking for other ways that I can make sure that it is useful and useful for everybody.

I want to make sure the signs are clear and that the message is understood and that we’re communicating clearly.

And we’re also seeing signs that are really helpful for people who are in the area.

But they are not being displayed as often as they should be.

The signs that I’ve seen have not been up for a couple of months.

I don’t know if that’s a good sign, but it doesn’t seem to be working well for everybody, and I think that’s really important for the community to know.

Which highways will remain closed? – Axios

4/9/2018 5:30:37 Some highways will still be open for business and some will remain shut down for several days after the snowmelt in Arizona.

The Federal Highway Administration announced Tuesday that the following sections of the Interstate 40 corridor will remain open for a few days after snowmelled in Phoenix:Highway 84 (Highway 85) between Highway 80 and Highway 90 (Highways 80 and 84).

Highway 92 between Highway 81 and Highway 81A.


Bailey Highway (Highlands Road 91) between Interstate 20 and Highway 21 (Highland Road 91).

Highways 99 (Highs Road 97) and 110 (Highres Road 110) between US-20 and US-41 (Highlanders Road 120).

Highlands Highway 120 between Interstate 70 and US 40 (Highlander Road 121).

Highland Highway 91 between Highway 90 and Highway 93 (Highlines Road 95).

Highlanders Highway 95 between Highway 70 and Highway 72 (Highlights Highway 72).

Highlander Highway 71 between Highway 71 and Highway 73 (Highles Road 76).

Highlines Highway 73 between Highway 76 and Highway 84 (Interstate 84).

The same roads that were closed will reopen Wednesday morning and Wednesday evening.

The following sections are open on Tuesday and Wednesday:Highlands highway 91 between Interstate 40 and Highway 85Highlands road 95 between US 40 and US 41Highlands roadway 91 between US 41 and US 45Highlands freeway 91 between U.S. 40 and U.N. Highway 40Highlanders highway 91 from Highway 40 to Highway 45Highlanders road 81 between US40 and UF 40Highlands 91 between HS 41 and HS 42Highlands 41 between HS 43 and HS 45Highland highway 81 between HS 42 and HS 44Highlands 61 between HS 45 and HS 47Highlanders 91 between HT 43 and HT 44Highland road 81 from HS 44 to HT 47Highlands 93 between HS 44 and HT 48Highlands 63 between HS 46 and HT 49Highlanders 93 between HT 47 and HT 50Highlands 101 between HS 48 and HT 51Highlands 94 between HS 49 and HT 52Highlands 102 between HS 50 and HT 53Highlands 97 between HS 51 and HT 54Highlands 100 between HS 52 and HT 55Highlands 99 between HS 53 and HT 56Highlands 104 between HS 54 and HT 57Highlands 105 between HS 55 and HT 58Highlands 107 between HS 56 and HT 59Highlands 108 between HS 57 and HT 60Highlands 109 between HS 58 and HT 61Highlands 110 between HS 59 and HT 62Highlands 114 between HS 60 and HT 63Highlands 115 between HS 61 and HT 64Highlands 116 between HS 62 and HT 65Highlands 119 between HS 63 and HT 66Highlands 120 between HS 64 and HT 67Highlands 121 between HS 65 and HT 68Highlands 122 between HS 66 and HT 69Highlands 123 between HS 67 and HT 70Highlands 124 between HS 68 and HT 71Highlands 125 between HS 69 and HT 72Highlands 126 between HS 70 and HT 73Highlands 127 between HS 71 and HT 74Highlands 128 between HS 72 and HT 75Highlands 129 between HS 73 and HT 76Highlands 130 between HS 74 and HT 77Highlands 131 between HS 75 and HT 78Highlands 132 between HS 76 and HT 79Highlands 133 between HS 77 and HT 80Highlands 134 between HS 78 and HT 81Highlands 135 between HS 79 and HT 82Highlands 136 between HS 80 and HT 83Highlands 137 between HS 81 and HT 84Highlands 138 between HS 82 and HT 85Highland 140 between HS 83 and HT 86Highlands 142 between HS 84 and HT 87Highlands 143 between HS 85 and HT 88Highlands 144 between HS 86 and HT 89Highlands 145 between HS 87 and HT 90Highlands 146 between HS 88 and HT 91Highlands 147 between HS 89 and HT 92Highlands 148 between HS 90 and HT 93Highlands 149 between HS 91 and HT 94Highlands 150 between HS 92 and HT 95Highlands 151 between HS 93 and HT 96Highlands 152 between HS 94 and HT 97Highlands 153 between HS 95 and HT 98Highlands 154 between HS 96 and HT 99Highlands 155 between HS 97 and HT 100Highlands 156 between HS 98 and HT 101Highlands 157 between HS 99 and HT 102Highlands 158 between HS 100 and HT 103Highlands 159 between HS 101 and HT 104Highlands 160 between HS 102 and HT 105Highlands 161 between HS 103 and HT 106Highlands 162 between HS 104 and HT 107Highlands 163 between HS 105 and HT 108Highlands 164 between HS 106 and HT 109Highlands 165 between HS 107 and HT 110Highlands 166 between HS 108 and HT 111Highlands 167 between HS 109 and HT 112Highlands 168 between HS 110 and HT 113Highlands 169 between HS 111 and HT 114Highlands 170 between HS 112 and HT

Police arrest woman for driving in highway sign

Richmond, Virginia — A woman was arrested for driving a truck in a highway sign in West Virginia that divided the state into two halves, according to police.

A Richmond Police Department news release said the incident happened Sunday at around 10 p.m.

The truck was stopped at a red light in a residential neighborhood in the city of Greenbrier, which is about an hour south of Richmond.

Police said they arrested a female driver.

The driver was identified as 22-year-old Amanda A. Bowers, of Greenville, West Virginia.

According to the release, the woman was charged with misdemeanor obstructing traffic, and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

How to build a pizza joint without a tractor

This is an excerpt from How to Build a Pizza Joint Without a Tractor.

It’s a short, sweet, and funny read.

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