When you want to find a beach in the middle of the ocean, look no further

When you’re traveling from one place to another in the U.S., it can be difficult to get to the beach and back in time for a family dinner.

Fortunately, German-based food travel company Coastal Highway offers a few unique beach destinations that can be reached with a little planning.

In the middle, you’ll find German-style coast-to-coast cuisine and coastal-style accommodations.

The resort area is filled with a mix of restaurants and bars and the restaurants have the added bonus of offering a few great local beers.

The coastal area is packed with restaurants and a few bars and restaurants offer local wines and craft beers.

If you’re looking for something more beachy, you can head for a little bit further north and find the French Riviera.

Located in the south of France, the Riviera is the gateway to a wide variety of European cities, from Cannes to Cannes and Paris to Nice.

The Riviera offers a small but vibrant tourist destination that is also home to some of Europe’s most famous beaches.

The most popular beaches for dining are in Cannes, Cannes and Nice, and the beach resorts of Lorient and Seine-Saint-Denis are two of the most popular spots for relaxing.

If, for whatever reason, you’re not looking for a beach vacation, you might want to explore the more secluded part of France and go for a stroll in the woods.

The Forest of Lorraine in the northern part of the country offers stunning forests with lush greenery, a nice amount of natural beauty and a great deal of wildlife to see.

The woods are a great place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the peacefulness of nature.

The Forest of Orne is a unique forest located in the Pyrenees Mountains in France.

The forest has a number of caves, caves and other hidden places, so there are plenty of opportunities to find hidden treasures.

The most interesting place in the forest is a cave known as La Cordon Bleu.

This cave was discovered during a study of cave systems in caves in France in the 1930s and has been the site of numerous archaeological discoveries.

The cave is filled to the brim with valuable items, including a necklace of diamonds and a necklace made of diamonds.

The caves are also home of a large collection of prehistoric animal bones, including some of the largest Tyrannosaurus rex fossils found in the world.

If the cave is a bit too exciting for your taste, there are many other great places to explore in the Forest of Cordon.

There are a few different caves that you can explore.

The Léopold Cave in Normandy is a large cave in the mountains in France that can hold up to 10 people, and you can hike up to the top of the cave for a good view of the forest.

The other cave in Normandy, La Grosse Hogue, can hold about 3,000 people and is an amazing hike.

You can also visit the caves of Auchterlon, which is the only cave in France where you can walk up the mountain without climbing a huge rock.

How to save money on gas, car insurance, auto parts with Axios

The average American is paying more than $50,000 for gas, a $300-a-gallon increase since 2014, according to a new study.

That’s according to the National Association of Realtors, which says the cost of gasoline is now more than double what it was before the financial crisis.

Read MoreFirst, the report says the price of oil is now almost 40 percent higher than it was in early 2018.

The price of a gallon of gasoline now averages $2.75, a jump of more than 80 cents from June 2018.

That comes as the country continues to struggle with a prolonged energy crisis and the prospect of a prolonged freeze in gas prices.

The price of diesel has also skyrocketed, hitting $1.84 a gallon in early 2019, up from $1 a year ago.

But the report points out that the price for natural gas has actually fallen.

The average price of natural gas in the US is now $3.30 a gallon, up 10 cents from a year earlier.

The report also found that the average consumer spent an additional $11,827 in 2018 on car insurance.

The cost of the insurance jumped by $2,723, from $10,958 in 2017.

The National Association for Realtor estimates that about 8 million Americans purchased car insurance in 2018.

Read moreThe report says that the surge in premium prices has been driven by the recent introduction of a new, more stringent COVID-19 insurance policy that will include mandatory mandatory vaccinations for anyone who travels to an infected country.

This is being done after the United States was hit by the virus in May, but it’s not yet clear how many people have been vaccinated.

The cost of medical care and prescription drugs is also increasing, especially in states that have struggled to contain the outbreak, such as Alabama and Louisiana.

According to the study, a typical person spends about $10.50 a month on health insurance, which includes coverage for prescription drugs and other health care services, as well as deductibles and co-payments.

This includes $3,569 in medical bills in 2018, up $3 for 2017 and $3 in 2018 alone.

The National Association says that insurance premiums have risen by $13.2 billion since the start of the crisis, while deductibles have risen $9.7 billion.

That is largely due to the Affordable Care Act, which has led to the growth of health insurance premiums.

But the report also notes that insurers continue to increase deductibles, which account for about half of total premiums.

The average premium for 2018 was $6,567, up 1.7 percent from a month earlier, according the report.