The road to Alaskan marine highway 101: What’s next?

The road from Alaska’s south coast to the North Pole is long and winding, and it took the construction of a road from the southern tip of the Bering Sea to the northern tip of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands to make it possible.

But what will it take to get us there?

The Bering Strait is the largest and longest river in the world.

It carries water around the world, and is the world’s busiest shipping route.

The BER is one of the most important rivers for the world economy.

In 2017 alone, it brought $US1.8 trillion (NZ$1.9 trillion) to the US economy.

It also carries around $US100 billion worth of cargo from China, Russia and the Middle East.

Alaska is a key producer of oil and gas, but the state’s economy depends on shipping.

A combination of low prices for oil and the lack of new infrastructure means that the road from south to north is extremely challenging.

But it’s a challenge that the Northern Territory Government has tackled with a combination of new technology, collaboration and funding from the Australian government.

A new road from southern Bering Island to the north is now under construction.

“In this time of financial challenges, we’re really lucky to have a team from Australia and New Zealand that are working together to get this road built,” Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles said.

There is a new route, a new way to transport freight and the ability to get around the Arctic.

“This new highway will bring the Northern Territories’ economy and jobs to a whole new level,” he said.

The road will take about six years to complete, but there is a sense of optimism among the team.

The Northern Territory’s Department of Transport and Main Roads is a part of the Northern Transport Partnership, which brings together major Australian and New Zealander transportation companies.

A new bridge has also been completed.

Northern Territory Chief Transport Minister Adam James said the Northern Highway 101 project was an example of the way the NT Government is working together with industry to make the country a global leader in transport.

It’s a huge achievement and the Northern Rail project is the first of many to come.

“It’s the next step for our transport infrastructure to become a globally accepted transport hub,” Mr Giles said, “and we’re very excited about it.”