What you need to know about Mo highway patrol

The mo highway patrol is on the rise in the Pacific island nation of Hawaii, where the number of road deaths on its roads is rising.

More than 20 people have died in the past year, and police are trying to make sure the roads are safe.

The highway patrol was set up by the island’s governor to prevent motorcyclists from using the island to cross to the mainland and has been a huge hit.

In addition to the motorcyclist deaths, the number and number of fatalities on the roads has jumped.

“It is not just road deaths,” said Honolulu police officer Michael Sipos.

“It’s road deaths in general.”

Police say that road deaths have increased since the mo highway patrols began in September last year.

There are now more than 60 people on the road, including a number of police officers and firefighters, and there are now about 50 road accidents a day.

“The traffic safety in Hawaii is going to get better as we do this,” Mr Sipoms said.

“We’re going to take the road safety very seriously, and we will have more officers on the mo road patrol.”

In total, there are about 20 police officers on board.

The mo highway police patrol has also helped the police in the island nation cope with the aftermath of the devastating tsunami.

“They are out there and they are making sure our roads are clear,” Mr Salonen said.

The road patrol has helped police cope with many of the other things that go on on the island, such as earthquakes and landslides.

“So the police are able to focus on things that need to be addressed, and that are really important to the people on our roads,” Mr Saipos said.