‘Traffic lights and police cars’ cause graffiti highway cameras

A pair of traffic lights on Interstate 29 are causing an increased number of graffiti cameras on the interstate.

“Traffic is a problem and that’s why we need cameras,” said Officer Jason Bortolotti.

He said the cameras are often used to stop illegal activity or to ticket drivers.

“It’s not a good thing that people are out there committing vandalism,” he said.

“We’ve seen people vandalizing vehicles and stealing the vehicles.”

Police have noticed that the graffiti cameras are becoming a bigger problem.

“They’ve gotten to be a lot more aggressive,” said Borto.

The vandalism has also made it onto the road in the area of the cameras.

“I’m really concerned about the people that are out here vandalizing the cars,” said Kaleb Johnson.

“This has really turned me off to being around cars,” he added.

We caught up with Johnson who said he thinks the cameras can help to make the area safer.

“You know, when you see people vandalize, you’re like, ‘What the heck is going on?'”

Johnson said.

Johnson said he hopes that police will not take away his right to walk his dog and walk his bike, as long as they keep the cameras off the highway.