How to spot a gas station near you

I’m not the only one who’s been surprised by the sudden surge in gas stations.

Gas stations are becoming increasingly common on highways.

In California, you’ll see signs that say “No Parking” in many places.

But, as the US Department of Transportation notes, “In most of the US, a gas stop will not require a permit or sign.”

In other words, you can’t get a gas refund.

The department warns, “It is not a gas stations’ responsibility to ensure that vehicles parked on the highway are not towed.”

In other states, however, you do have a duty to comply with the law.

Here’s how you can spot a new gas station on your way to work.

Read more: How to spot your next gas station before it opens its doorsThe US Department Of Transportation is asking gas stations to comply. 

In an email, it said that it is working with a number of states on enforcement of the law, and is “committed to ensuring that every gas station that opens its gates for business will comply with all applicable state and local laws.”

“While we cannot be responsible for enforcement of these laws, we are committed to ensuring compliance with these laws,” it said.

As a reminder, if you find yourself stuck in traffic, do not drive.

“You may be able to find a parking spot if you know where to look,” the email reads.

However, be aware that gas stations are often open for business hours before midnight, so it’s wise to arrive early if you plan to visit the area.