What you need to know about Oklahoma’s highway patrol

In November, Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OKP) officers were sent to the Oklahoma City airport to patrol the skies over a massive construction site.

It was an unusual situation, with a large construction project going on in a city that had never seen a massive amount of construction.

The state of Oklahoma is currently embroiled in a bitter war between the federal government and the state’s GOP-controlled legislature over the future of the state-owned Oklahoma Power & Light Co. (OPL).

Since 2011, OPL has been the subject of a series of court battles with the state over its plans to build a $3.6 billion power plant in the state.

OPL and the government have been locked in a long-running legal battle over how much money OPL will have to pay to maintain and operate the facility.

As part of that legal battle, OLP’s attorney, Todd Schramm, has argued that the state should not have to spend millions of dollars to maintain its infrastructure.

Schramms arguments have gained the attention of many in Oklahoma, who say that the public deserves to know the true cost of the project.

The public’s voice in this battle is currently being heard, and it is important that the Oklahoma Public Service Commission (OPSC) and OPL fully understand the true costs of the OPL project.

According to the Office of the Oklahoma Auditor, the OPP has an $8.5 billion backlog in the backlog of construction, construction and other costs, which is estimated to total $2.6 trillion dollars.

As we continue to monitor this massive project, we are committed to fully informing the public about the true budget for the OPG facility.

We have heard from many people who have expressed concern about how the public is being informed.

We want to hear from you and understand what your concerns are, so we can work together to make sure the public has a meaningful input into the OPD’s decisions.

The OPP is currently reviewing a draft of a proposed budget for 2016, which has a budget that includes a $4.8 billion increase for the budget, but we are still in the process of compiling that budget.

Oklahoma has spent billions of dollars on construction, maintenance and other public works projects over the past decade.

OPP and the federal courts have said that the agency should not spend the money, but the public will have a say in what happens with this $3 billion project.

While it is not easy to predict the full impact of a lawsuit that has been brought by the public, it is clear that Oklahoma has been a target for large-scale construction projects over time.

A recent study by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance found that Oklahoma had the highest number of road-building projects in the country, and that it was one of the top states for construction costs.

The costs of these massive projects have been found to be significantly higher than those of smaller projects, and the public should be able to tell the OPA and OPP what they are spending their taxpayer dollars on.

Oklahoma is a state that has experienced a lot of development over the last several decades.

This project is part of a larger project to transform the state into a more sustainable, prosperous place for all residents.

The Oklahoman is a public service and is not paid for by the Oklahoma taxpayers.

If you have questions about the cost of this project, please contact us at (405) 496-0034 or call our toll-free toll-prevention hotline at (800) 472-7332.