Divided Highway sign sparks controversy in Georgia

A sign divided between two highways has caused a stir in Georgia.

The sign, erected by the Georgia Department of Transportation, is located between the Interstate 90 and Highway 75 ramps.

The highway signs have been installed since 2000 and are supposed to separate traffic from one another.

However, it has sparked a public outcry, with some calling it racist and insulting.

The state DOT posted the sign on the interstate, stating: “The highway sign is divided by the I-90/75 ramp, but you can cross it to reach Highway 75 and it is divided in two.

We ask that you do not cross it at all, and please do not use the ramps.

There are no exits or turnouts.”

The state agency also posted a letter to the editor of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution explaining that the split highway sign was designed to “disrupt the flow of traffic on Interstate 90”.

The Georgia DOT responded by stating that the divided sign was in compliance with Georgia DOTs regulations.

In an email, the DOT said: “Georgia DOTs Department of Public Works has made it clear that this is an error and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to you and our customers.”

The DOT also explained that the division was meant to show that the road had two lanes and was divided by a bridge.

The Georgia Department also said that it was working with the Atlanta Journal Constitution on the sign.

The DOT has since posted the following apology on its website:”We apologize to our customers for this error.

We have since removed the sign, and will be contacting the Atlanta-based newspaper to have it replaced with a more appropriate sign.

We are currently working on replacing the sign in conjunction with a new one.”