Which Washington state has the best commute times?

From the moment you step out of the car in Portland, you know you’re in the nation’s capital.

It’s a place where people spend a lot of time commuting.

The capital’s population is bigger than New York’s, and its commuter rail system is the most extensive in the country.

It also has some of the most crowded roads in the state, where traffic snarls at rush hour.

In Portland, commuters are treated to a mix of local and regional options.

The city is home to several big airports and a lot more parks, and it also has the largest population of college students in the United States.

But while Portland is often thought of as the nation-leading commuter city, that’s not always the case.

Here’s how Portland’s commute times stack up with the nation as a whole:Portland commuters have average commute times of about 11.5 minutes, according to data compiled by the University of Washington’s Transportation Research Institute.

That means you can’t just walk to the airport and then hop on a bus, for example.

For that to happen, you’d need to spend an average of 24 minutes on the road, or about 2.8 hours.

The city’s commuters also have to navigate a variety of obstacles, from the busy intersection of I-5 and Interstate 84 to the busy lanes of Iway 41.

For more information, see our in-depth coverage of Portland.

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