When will Walmart start selling its own groceries?

Walmart will soon start selling groceries on its own shelves in some stores in Oregon, Washington, and Montana, according to a Walmart spokesperson. 

Walmart announced on Monday that it plans to start selling WalmartFresh grocery items at select stores in those states, including Portland, Seattle, Spokane, and Portland. 

According to the Walmart spokesperson, the stores will be open through January 2, 2019. 

“With this new service, we are allowing customers to bring their own groceries to WalmartFresh for a reduced retail price,” the spokesperson said. 

While it is unclear exactly when the new service will roll out, Walgreens Northwest Highway (NWH) and the new Walmarts Northwest Highway Express are also currently operating on the same corridor. 

In February, Walmart said it would launch a new online grocery service in Oregon and Washington. 

Earlier this year, Walmart also announced plans to open up an additional 1,100 retail locations across the country. 

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