How to get the most out of a Texas highway star: The Best Ways

In the Houston metropolitan area, a few highways have become known for their celebrity passengers.

For years, one of the most famous of them is the famous Katy Highway, the main highway through the city of Houston that passes through Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin.

There’s even a “Grand Parkway” where people can drive in all three cities and see what the stars are doing.

This past weekend, a group of celebrities came together to celebrate the highway star at the home of a Houston man named Jason Hight.

He’s the founder of the Hight Road Club, which is dedicated to the star’s safety.

The highway star was one of several stars who showed up at Hight’s home.

“It was a lot of fun.

They did a lot for him, and he thanked us,” Hight told Politico.

“They showed us that Houston can do anything we do.”

The highway stars are a way for Houstonians to celebrate their favorite celebrities and the road they drive on.

They’re also a way to celebrate an event that was actually a huge success.

In a little over a year, Houston has been the biggest city in Texas to receive a star.

Last week, a number of celebrities including Tom Hanks, Kate Winslet and John Legend visited the city to celebrate a star they’ve created.

“This is a great day for Houston, for our city, for all of our people and for the road that they drive,” Hanks said in his acceptance speech.

“I hope to see you soon.”

After the highway stars’ arrival, Hight said the Houston Road Club started an online fundraising campaign to get a star onto the Katy Highway.

Hight and other road stars also made a special visit to Houston’s city hall.

“When we walked in the hall and saw what they were doing, it was just crazy,” Hights said.

“We thought, ‘That’s amazing.’

They were so kind.”

Houston officials told Hight they’ll pay for a star to be added to the Katy highway.

The stars will be able to drive to Houston from anywhere, as long as they have a valid Texas driver’s license.

“The highway is going to be free, free to ride, and they’ll be able ride the road freely,” Hays said.

The Hight road club will be adding a number more stars to the highway in the coming weeks.

“You’ll see a few more of them, but that’s what you get for having an interest in the road,” Hinks said.

Houston is also getting its own version of the highway.

Housh has launched a website called The Road to Houston, which will offer more information about the highway and its history.