‘Arrow’ fans are hoping to get the Season 4 finale in December

“Arrow” fans have been eagerly awaiting Season 4 since the show’s last season premiered in January.

And now they’re hoping for more.

“Arrows” cast and crew members posted a video Wednesday on Instagram showing fans lined up at the door to the premiere of the show to get their first look at the season 4 finale.

The fans were also excited to get a first look to the season finale, with the first trailer being released to coincide with the premiere.

“It’s so exciting and surreal,” Emily Bett Rickards (Detective Sara Lance) said in the video.

“I’m really excited for people to see it.

And I hope you’re all excited too.”

“Arrgh,” said Emily (Willa Holland), as her daughter Katie looks on.

“So much for this season.

We’re waiting on that,” added Lance.

“We’re not here to watch a show and to just have a cup of coffee, but we’re here to do this.

And we want to see the finale.

So we want it to be awesome,” she added.

Fans who have not yet been to the show are invited to attend the premiere on Sunday, Jan. 31, in a celebration of Season 4, which will also include the show airing its final episode.

“To be a part of this show that we’ve all been a part since the very beginning, to be here and to watch the finale, that’s a lot of excitement,” said Sara Lance, who plays Sara Lance.

Fans can check out the first footage in the premiere trailer by following the hashtags #ArrowsSeason4, #Arrow, #season4,#Season4Atheist, #australia, #california, #texas, #houston, and #altitude.