What is the difference between the two highway definitions?

The difference between a highway and a road is that a road must have an official name, meaning a name that identifies the place where a road meets the highway and that is clearly visible from the road, and a highway is a type of road that does not have a name.

Horses and other vehicles have a different set of rules.

They must meet the definition of a road in the same way as other vehicles.

For instance, the rules for cars in India are that they must have a title and a description, not a name or a road.

A road is defined as the road that meets the existing boundary of a state or territory and is the boundary for travel across the state or territorial waters.

A highway is defined differently.

A road may be defined as a road that connects two or more states or territories, or a section of a highway that is separate from a highway but has a similar name and address.