Walmart Australia’s ‘truly amazing’ deal with the Australian government

A major shopping centre in the state of Queensland is about to open its doors to shoppers in an extraordinary deal.

The Walmarts of Brisbane are about to welcome thousands of customers to the region, with the deal for residents of the area including Walmart, Coles, Woolworths, Colours, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

“We’ve been working with the Queensland Government and with the NSW Government to offer the best possible deal to our customers, to help us continue to grow and provide our customers with exceptional value and value for money,” said Steve Ladd, Senior Vice President, Queensland.

“The Walmarks of Brisbane will be our largest and best-performing store and will be a major draw for visitors and locals alike.”

Walmart of Brisbane chief executive Steve Luddell said the deal was “absolutely amazing”.

“Walmart Australia is delighted to be able to help people from the Brisbane CBD in their search for bargains and quality shopping experiences, with a great selection of products and service at competitive prices,” he said.

“This is a truly amazing deal for the Brisbane market.”

The Brisbane-based company will also offer a limited number of limited edition items, with some items being available for a limited time.

The first wave of customers are expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

Walmows’ Brisbane branch is set to open on February 27 and the store will be open from 11am to 7pm on Monday.

Walmart is also planning a major expansion to its Sydney store in 2019, with up to 200 employees and plans to open a second store in Sydney.